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Truth. The Sun is not always shining. Embrace it nevertheless.

Chris Brown Unveils Preview Of Ariana Grande Collaboration 'Don't Be Gone Too Long': New Music

Check out this amazing promo video of the collaboration between Ariana Grande and Chris Brown; Via the link baby, via the link. Now it’s stuck in my head… Argh. :)

I love the Pretty Little Liarsgirls. They are so cool, beautiful and just plain amazing.

Oh my. These shoes are so creative. And makes me hungry… Yum.

Hello Liam…

Oh my gosh. Isn’t she totally gorgeous?


Tumblr unter We Heart It.

Yes. I love this. So cute.



Bella’s photoshoot for Wallflower Jeans 💕

Ugh she’s so flawless 💕

Oh my gosh. She looks amazing here.






Be yourself. You have god with you at all times. Be grateful. Be loved.


Love this.


6 days until Demi & 9 until Miley…

Sure right.

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Queen. Neon Lights Tour.

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I love this feeling.

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Some lose all mind and become soul,insane.
some lose all soul and become mind, intellectual.
some lose both and become accepted

Charles Bukowski (via feellng)