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1. What is the first word that you thought of after reading this question?  

Literally my brain was stuck on ‘What’. lol. I just woke up.

2. How much wood can a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? 

Well then - I honestly don’t know. I’ll give my friend the wood chuck a call later on and ask him. It’s a shame that we’re friends and I don’t know.

3. Would you rather have a dog sized giraffe or a giraffe sized dog?

Ergh. This is hard… The first thing that came to mind was Clifford!! lol But I’d have to go for the dog sized giraffe. It’s so weird, different and probably easier to take care of.

4. What is an acceptable amount of pizza slices to eat in one go? 

Firstly, there is no such thing as a limit when it comes to pizza. Secondly, as much as you can hold.

5. What is the last book you read?

Um… -scratches head- I’m not gonna say the name on here. lol Who cares? Published book - Fifty Shades Of Grey. Unpublished - The BreakUp Formula.

6. What are your top 3 songs at the moment?

Ergh! So many!! But I’ll go with:

  • Really Don’t Care (Solo Version) - DL.
  • A Little Bit Of Your Heart - AG.
  • Be My Baby - AG.

7. What is your goal in life?

To leave a legacy on the world. To try to lessen or even eliminate all basic ignorance, suffering and cruelty. To show that even amidst all the evil there is, there is good and that good will blossom and overcome that evil. (Yes. I’m a dreamer lol)

8. What languages can you speak?

If we’re excluding the fluency factor, then French and Spanish, and obviously English (as it’s my native tongue).

9. Snog marry avoid: Harry Styles, Ryan Reynolds & Will Smith

I’d snog Harry Styles. marry Ryan Reynolds and avoid Will Smith. (haha. you had it in the order for me lmfao. Or I’d snog Ryan and marry Harry idk either one does the trick)

10. What was the last film you watched?

Last Film… Um… So long ago. Does tv series count? lol (Scandal. EEEEPPPPPPP!!!) But honestly last film - oh! Iron Man 3. lol 

11. What is your fave blog? 

I don’t have A fave. I have favourites. lol kushandwizdom feellng hplyrikz ultrafacts

My Questions:

1. Favourite ice cream flavour? 

2. What are your top three favourite shows?

3. Would you rather dye your hair a bright pink or wear the color green, for the rest of your life?

4. Which is your top social network you are addicted to?

5. What is your favourite musical genre and what is your top song out of it?

6. Dogs, cats, puppies or kittens?

7. Regardless of finances, age, gender, legal or even moral rules and regulations, etc. what is one thing you have always wished you could have done at this very moment?

8. I’m curious. Go on your activity page, and tell me your top fan.

9. Would you rather be a slightly weird nerd with the most awesome friends, or beloved perfectionist who everyone simply and only adores?

10. Are they chips? Or are they fries?

11. (This one is for my personal enjoyment.) Any Scandal fans out there? Message me. We can fangirl together. lol

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Sorry for my suckish question list.