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This is a cute, formal yet casual, yet able to go to work with…. Well to some not-so-serious jobs, I guess? 

Ah, the cute summer outfits are coming.


I especially like the shirt. -wink-

I think I love her hair more than the outfit. But that’s nice too…

I love this. So casual. So chic.

This is nice. Great outfit.

-sigh- Love this movie. And Olaf. This quote…. Highlight of Olaf’s sweet centre.

Truth. The Sun is not always shining. Embrace it nevertheless.

Chris Brown Unveils Preview Of Ariana Grande Collaboration 'Don't Be Gone Too Long': New Music

Check out this amazing promo video of the collaboration between Ariana Grande and Chris Brown; Via the link baby, via the link. Now it’s stuck in my head… Argh. :)

I love the Pretty Little Liarsgirls. They are so cool, beautiful and just plain amazing.

Oh my. These shoes are so creative. And makes me hungry… Yum.

Hello Liam…

Oh my gosh. Isn’t she totally gorgeous?


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Yes. I love this. So cute.